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Rules for Challenging SmashSteve in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U:

The following sets out the Rules of this Website (the “Rules”) applicable to any challenge (the “Challenge”) by online participants (a “Challenger”) against the manager of this Website, c/o/b as ‘SmashSteve’ of the game known as Super Smash Bros. (the “Game”):

Participation in a Challenge is subject to the Rules. This Website is operated in accordance with the laws of Ontario, Canada. By participating in a Challenge, you certify that you meet the age and other eligibility requirements in your jurisdiction and are of legal age under the laws of Ontario. If you do not meet the age and other eligibility requirements, or if you do not agree to abide by the Rules, do not take part in a Challenge.

Participation in a Challenge may be illegal in the jurisdiction/country in which you are located or residing. SmashSteve does not intend to enable any Challenger to contravene applicable law. Challengers are responsible for ensuring that they are not contravening any law or legislation prohibiting the Challenge and/or payment of prize monies. Before relying on any information contained on the Website you should consult the rules in your jurisdiction.

Games are played in accordance with the published rules of the Game and the winner of each Challenge is decided by the published rules of the Game. For more information about such rules of the Game, see “Rules.”

Should a Challenger win a Challenge against SmashSteve, SmashSteve will cause a virtual once-only spin of the virtual Wheel. No Challenger is entitled to spin or otherwise access the Wheel. The virtual spin of the Wheel determines the amount of the prize money payable to the successful Challenger, if any. Challengers acknowledge that a virtual spin of the Wheel may also result in the applicable prize money being equal to $0. Challengers are deemed to have reviewed the virtual Wheel prior to participation in a Challenge. Applicable currency is the American Dollar.

All Games are recorded. Each Challenger consents to recording of the Challenge and to rebroadcasting of the Challenge, including results of the Challenge, whether on the Website, social or gaming media, and/or otherwise. All intellectual property and other rights in respect thereof hereby irrevocably waived and released.

No rights to the Game in any way are intended to be transferred to any Challenger.

Payments to winning Challengers are made via e-transfer; winning Challengers to supply account information. Payments will be issued within 14 days of a successful Challenge.

Use of any cheating devices or hacking will result in an automatic loss for the Challenger. Any suspicion by SmashSteve of the use of cheating devices or hacking will disqualify Challenger.

Void where prohibited.

All rights reserved. Ownership of any intellectual property rights arising from the Website or participation in a Challenge are the property of SmashSteve. Intellectual property and all other legal rights will be enforced. Intellectual property rights to the Game and Characters are owned by others. Refer to

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