Subscriber Benefits

1. Play video games with me live on stream! I’m always happy to play with viewers, and subscribing gets you first in line on days I take challengers. I also add you on the Discord/Skype Sub Club so you can chat and challenge other subscribers, and be in direct contact with me!

2. Participate in online Subscriber Tournaments, the winner gets to spin the Smash Wheel and win money! –

3. Custom designed emoticons, hilarious emotes to use in the chat

4. Custom Subscriber Badge, your comments stand out in the chat

5. No advertisements interrupting your Stream

6. Help support me, so I can continue bringing you the highest quality streams


Current Emoticons –

SmashSteve - Emoticons and Badge_Mii Steve 112x112SmashSteve - Emoticons and Badge_Mac Troll 112x112 SmashSteve - Emoticons and Badge_Greesy Spike 112x112SmashSteve - Emoticons and Badge_Key 112x112

sseSTEVE                              sseMAC                            sseSPIKE                    sseKEY


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