– Stream Rules –

1.  Keep it PG, this stream is for all ages

2.  Type !join in the chat if you want to play with me on stream

3.  Have fun


– Super Smash Bros. Rules –

1.  1 vs. 1 – Best of 3 matches

2.  2 Stocks per match, 6 minute timer applied to each match

3.  Customization’s turned off

4.  Items turned off

5.  Mii Fighters are allowed (Customs are allowed on Mii’s)

6.  Sudden death is NOT to be played, the winner is decided by the lowest percentage

7.  The use of cheating/hacking devices is banned, and will result in a forfeit

8.  SmashSteve has the right to disqualify any player who exhibits inappropriate behavior


– Stage Selection –

1. Final Destination

2. Battlefield

3. Smashville

4. Town and City

5. Dream Land

6. Lylat Cruise


– Winning Money with the Smash Wheel –

1.  By participating on SmashSteve’s channel via Twitch you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the user agreement

2.  Please refer to the user agreement for legal documentation regarding the operation of the Smash Wheel and handling money

3.  If you win a tournament on SmashSteve’s Twitch Channel, you have the possibility of winning money via the Smash Wheel

4.  There are no fees to participate, and no possibility of losing money, only the opportunity to gain and have fun

5.  However, donations are always welcomed, and appreciated!

6.  SmashSteve spins the wheel with the tournament winner, and your prizes are handled privately with SmashSteve through Paypal